AHU Wrangler by Diamond Tool Installation

AHU Wrangler Installation Video Transcription:

In the next couple of minutes, you will learn how to safely install and use the AHU Wrangler by Diamond Tool. To start, fasten your cross arm strap around the steel beam at the bottom of the unit. Wrap the cross arm strap around the beam, insert the smaller steel ring through the larger ring, and pull secure. If you do not have steel beam to secure to, contact your safety manager before proceeding.

Next, attach the first end of the AHU Wrangler to the cross arm strap. Stretch out the AHU Wrangler to be sure that there are no twists, knots, or visible abrasions. Following proper ladder procedure, climb to the top of the unit and place the AHU Wrangler over the top of the unit, centering the steel ring and being sure to place the orange edge protectors over the corners of the units. Follow the same procedure on the other side.

When the second side of the AHU Wrangler has been secured to the second cross arm strap, ensure each side of the AHU Wrangler is equidistant from the sides of the unit, and then remove the slack from each ratchet being sure to keep the ring centered on top of the unit. Once the slack has been removed, ratchet both sides of the AHU Wrangler evenly until taut. Your AHU Wrangler is now ready to use.

Be sure your lanyard is properly fastened to your harness, and secure the free end for safe climbing. Once on top of the unit, simply secure your lanyard to the steel ring and you are ready to work safely. EMCOR Services cares about your safety. If you have any questions about how to use this product or any other any other safety procedures on your job, please be sure to contact your safety manager. Thank you for watching.

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