Freud Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blade at Diamond Tool

Reciprocating Saw Blade Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Jason with Freud and Diablo. I’m here at Diamond Tool. We’re going to show you our carbide tip reciprocating saw blade. What we’re going to do is do a quick demo of ten fluted masonry nails our recip blades are going to try to cut through with our carbide tip, a bi-metal blade, and two leading competitive reciprocating saw blades and we’re going to see how they do.

Jason to the group: Alright guys, remember you got to each have a 10-pound weight when the count of three we’ll begin the race. You ready?

Demonstration begins

Jason: Alright, Brandon, so you had one of the leading industry reciprocating saw blades, how did your blade do?

Brandon: Poor.

Jason: How many did you get through?

Brandon: zero.

Jason: Alright, Kevin, you had the next probably leading blade in the market. How many nails did your reset blade go through?

Kevin: one.

Jason: Mike, you had our bi-metal blade. How many did you get through?

Mike: Two.

Jason: Okay, so right now we got two times the life of two leading competitors blades, and I don’t know if you know this, Francesca, but it’s a two-day old blade we’ve been doing these demos. Did you know that?

Francesca: I know now.

Jason: How many nails did you get through?

Francesca: All ten.

Jason: So you got through all ten nails with the same blade we’ve been using for two days. Double the life of the competitors and ten times the life of any other blade out there. Diablo carbide tip reciprocating saw blades are the blade of choice.

Diamond Tool is full stocking distributor of both Freud Diablo’s reciprocating saw blades and circular saw blades. You can give them a call at 888-TRY-DIAMond or at

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