Confined Space Safety in Philadelphia, PA

Confined Space Safety Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Dan Kane. I’m the director of safety services here at Diamond Tool. Today, we’re going to do a short video on a quick and easy way to set up a confined space tripod and rescue system.
Over years of doing this, I’ve seen many people struggle with setting up a tripod. Sometimes they even damage the tripod in the process. Today, we’ll do a quick video on fast and easy setup. Anyone can repeat this process in about a minute and a half.

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First, we store our tripod so that the chain wraps around the base and is not tangled. I’m then going to unwrap the chain from my tripod and then begin to extend the tripod legs.
I like to keep the tripod legs in a lateral position where the stems are upright and parallel. Sometimes, people will extend one leg out at a time. They will lay the tripod on its side and do this. But, if you pull each of these locking pins out as the legs are vertically parallel, you’ll see you don’t need to count out your pull.
Now, we raise the tripod up to our desired height. I like to get it to the highest height possible. I go until I see the red area, which is the “no-no” area on the tripod, and now I push the locking pins in one at a time. There’s no counting of holes – we are all at the same height. Now, once the locks are in we can expand the tripod.
Now that the tripod legs are out, we can put our three-way rescue wedge onto the tripod. I rest that three-way wedge onto my knee, and now I push the locking pins in to hold my rescue wedge.
Now, the next step is we can connect our split pulley cable to the center of the tripod and we’re ready to get going. We can go to work. We can remove our manhole cover if we need to put our barrier down, and we have a fully operational three-way rescue system.

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That’s our short lesson today on how to set up a confined space tripod and three-way rescue system. Did you know Diamond Tool has confined space training programs? If you have questions about confined space or confined space rescue, give Diamond Tool a call at 888-TRY-DIAMond.
We also sell and service tripod and rescue systems, gas detection, blowers, and just about anything for your confined space needs.
Thanks and have a great day.

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