DeWalt FlexVolt Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

DeWalt FlexVolt Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Brian. I’m with Diamond Tool, and I came down to check out this new DeWalt tool. I hear this saw is better than the one I have at home. But I don’t know how. I love the one I have at home. Let me check it out. I don’t see a difference. But, what’s the difference? It’s not plugged in! How does this work? It has the same power.

It’s DeWalt’s new FlexVolt system. 120-Volt, 260-Volt batteries, and recent tests say I can get 289 cuts using just the battery. There’s also a way to plug it in, but why bother? Who wants to deal with stretched chords and everything?

This product is also a 60-Volt platform. Why would you want a 60-volt platform? Maybe you say, “I’ve just bought a bunch of 20-Volt tools! Why would I want a 60-volt platform?” This battery will fit your 20-Volt DeWalt tools. You’re going to get longer run time, so the next time you replace your batteries step it up. Now you’re on to the next platform using the same tools. They’re as good as they ever were!

The other beauty is if you buy this tool today from Diamond Tool, or maybe tomorrow, and 89 days later you’re still unhappy with the product – bring it back. We’re going to give you your money back. Don’t worry about it. It’s backed by DeWalt and backed by Diamond Tool – you can’t go wrong! Thank you.

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