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Miller Harness Fitting

Harness Fitting Video Transcription:

Today we’re working with the Miller Aircore Harness. One of the first things I like to do when I’m fitting a harness is to make sure all the buckles are open. So I’ll disconnect the chest straps and make sure the leg straps are open. I just find this a lot easier to put the harness on.

I grab the harness by that back D-ring, grab the left front strap with my left hand – right strap with my right hand. I kind of hold the harness open for myself, I guess, and you just swing it around like a coat. Get the shoulder straps comfortably seated on your shoulders. Connect your leg straps first – so just reach down between your legs, grab one strap and buckle it, grab the second strap and buckle that.

We don’t need to get these things so tight right off the bat, because as we adjust the length of the harness, we’re going to snug these up. These are a little bit loose, so I really want to work on snugging them up. I have our quick connect buckle on this harness, so what I’m going to do is feed the webbing through it. So we kind of get it through – just get it so it’s comfortable. Again, you don’t need to pull them so tight initially.

Feed them through. Slide the webbing down. The nice thing about these buckles is once you do this the first time, you can snap these things on and you’re in your harness real fast.

If your harness has tongue buckle leg straps, the procedure for connecting is basically the same. I’m going to reach between my legs, grab the buckle, and attach it. And again, initially we’re just going to get these things so that they’re snug, we don’t need to get them so tight. Big tongue through the grommet, and then any extra webbing, tuck it back through the elastic keeper, and we’re good to go!

So I got my leg straps kind of connected. Feeling pretty good. I want to make sure I connect my chest strap. We want to make sure this is connected, so in the event of a fall, my shoulder straps stay on my harness and they don’t come off. So, we’re going to connect the chest strap, snug that up.

And on this harness, we have our cam buckles, so all I need to do is grab these two straps, pull straight up on it, and I get the length of the harness adjusted. Chest strap for guys, you want this right across the middle of your chest; for women, you want it slightly above. The D-ring goes right between my shoulder blades, not down around the middle of my back, nor up around the back of my neck – it goes right between my shoulder blades. And I have the harness on pretty good.

One of the critical things is to make sure you have it fit properly. So take your hands and slide it under the webbing. You should have a little bit of room, but there shouldn’t be a whole lot of room in there – like if you could fit a whole other person in here.

When I check my leg straps, when I slide my hand under, I want to make a fist. If I can pull my hand out – my fist out – pretty easily, like I’m doing there, that strap is a little too loose. I’ll need to snug that up some more. You should have some tension on that strap like that.

And then any extra webbing that you have, just kind of tuck it away. Little elastic keepers are used to snug them up. And on our leg straps, we have little finials at the end, so when I slide the leg strap down, you can tuck it back on itself.

And we’re in the harness.

Miller Fall Protection equipment by Honeywell Safety Products is available from Diamond Tool. You can reach them at 888-TRY-DIAMond. That’s 888-879-3426, or on the internet at diamondtool.net.

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