Featured Product: Festool’s Carvex Jigsaw

Carvex Jigsaws Philadelphia, PA For the last 90 years, Festool has been a Germany-based company that has focused on innovation. The company affords professional-grade precision tools to craftsman around the world. Festool aims to boost speed and productivity while increasing worker’s precision during projects.
Diamond Tool is featuring Festool’s Carvex Jigsaws. Carvex Jigsaws offer advanced motor technology, and include a host of features that add to any craftsman’s collection. There are a few features that set Festool’s Carvex Jigsaw apart from its competition. These features include:
Carbide Guidance System
What makes Carvex Jigsaws a superior tool? Festool Jigsaws features triple blade reinforcement with a support rod and carbide jaws. This reduces blade wander and drift giving your cuts the smoothest edges possible.
Interchangeable Base System
Festool’s interchangeable base system offers precise bases specific to task and material. This results in optimal results when cutting wood, wood-like materials, plastic, and metals. The interchangeable base system also allows for quick and easy changing of bases.
4-LED Stroboscopic Light
With Festool’s 4-LED stroboscopic light cutting becomes effortless. Work with improved visibility and light up your cut line for more accurate cuts.
Splinter-Free Action

The Carvex Jigsaw is equipped with Festool’s solid one-piece Splinterguards. These are cut with the blade mounted in the machine offering smooth cuts with no splinters or tearouts.

Dust Extraction
Make your job easier and your clients happy with a cleaner working space. Did you know that exposure to wood dust can cause a wide variety of serious respiratory issues? It’s true. Small particles of wood dust can decrease your lung capacity and cause allergic reactions. Keep your air and space clean with Festool’s dust extraction.


Take it From Me: A Diamond Tool Employee Testimony On the Carvex Jigsaw
Diamond Tool Philadelphia PA Employee LesterDiamond Tool salesperson, Lester, carries years of experience in construction, carpentry, and contracting. When asked about the Carvex Jigsaw, Lester praises the product. He says:
“When people think of jigsaws, they think of splintering wood and rough carpentry. They think, ‘I’m going to have to do a lot of sanding after I’m done with that project.’
The Carvex Jigsaw from Festool is not your standard saw. In fact, it’s a noticeable upgrade from your standard jigsaw. When you use this saw, your cuts look finished, and it makes sense why. This saw doesn’t have the bounce you would normally have with a jigsaw. There’s no travel – no wobble.
The saw has four positions for your orbital blade. It has a double bevel platform. It has a carbide control system and can actually saw circles.
The Carvex even has a four-light LED system that pulses so you can see the blade better. This makes it easier to follow your line. It’s a finishing tool, not your standard rough cut jigsaw that everybody’s used to.
It’s well worth the money.”
Since 1974, Diamond Tool supplies the people who build America. Enjoy our knowledgeable staff and quality selection of products. Learn more about Festool’s Carvex Jigsaw by giving us a call at 1-888-TRY-DIAMond. You can also visit our website at diamondtool.net.

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