Diamond Tool Presents: Fiberlock Shockwave

Fiberlock Shockwave Video Transcription:

I’m Cole Stanton of Fiberlock and I’m here at Diamond Tool to talk about Shockwave. Shockwave is an EPA-registered disinfectant, sanitizer, and cleaner. This product is ideal for the cleanup of water damage and mold. Contractors of all trades encounter water damage and mold in:


  • Renovation
  • Rehab
  • New Construction
  • Property Management

It is important to use an EPA registered product when cleaning up water damage and mold. This includes specific sanitizing claims for blackwater and sewage, as well as the removal of mold. No product compares to Shockwave’s 120+ EPA-registered microorganism kill claims. These claims consist of mold, bacteria, and viruses – more than any comparable product.


Nationwide, disaster restoration contractors prefer Shockwave due to its versatility. In fact, it was the most widely used product in the aftermath of natural disasters like:


  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Rita
  • Ike
  • Flooding in Iowa
  • Fargo
  • Nashville
  • Hurricane Irene
  • Tropical Storm Lee

Diamond Tool now carries Shockwave in either concentrate or our ready-to-use formula. Always stay prepared for mold and water damage.

To order Fiberlock Shockwave, please contact Diamond Tool at 888-TRY-DIAMond or visit diamondtool.net

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