How to Get Your Fit Test Certification in Philadelphia, PA

Fit Test Certification Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Bob from Diamond Tool and I’m the Safety Services Manager. We’re here today to talk about job site air contamination, and the steps you can take to protect yourself. Under OSHA regulations, whenever there’s an air quality hazard, the employer must provide respirators for his employees if the hazard is not eliminated by engineering or administrative controls.

Before a worker is permitted to wear a respirator, he must do two things:

  1. He must obtain a medical evaluation clearance.
  2. He must be fit tested for his chosen respirator.

Diamond Tool has a fast, inexpensive, and convenient online procedure to obtain these medical evaluations. This is much faster than going to a doctor on your own time, and obtaining the same form. This is what the OSHA respirator medical evaluation questionnaire looks like. Simply fill out the form and submit. Diamond Tool will contact you once you have been medically cleared.

We’re now going to demonstrate how a fit test is performed, so you know what to expect.

Count on Diamond Tool for Your Fit Test in Philadelphia

Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m in sales here at Diamond Tool. Our safety consultant Bob just gave you a general overview of what you need to do to receive your fit test certification. I’m going to demonstrate on how a fit test is performed, and then I’m going to give you five important tips that will help you pass your fit test.

You do not need an employment when you come into Diamond Tool for the fit testing, and you do not even need to have a respirator with you. Just walk in and our sales staff will direct you to our huge selection of respirators. We’ll assist you in choosing the right size, the correct model, and proper cartridges for your job site needs. After you’ve selected your respirator, the fit test will begin. The whole process should take about 10 minutes.

You’ll be asked to put on your respirator yourself. If you perform the seal check, a certified employee will then crack open a smoke stick. A harmless smoke will be emitted and the smoke will be continuously blown towards your respirator as you perform certain exercises. You will be asked to perform body exercises that test the seal of your respirator to ensure no gaps form when you are moving about.

After performing the body exercises, you will be asked to read aloud a paragraph that OSHA has provided. This is to test the seal of the respirator when certain facial muscles are being exercised. If no smoke has entered the respirator during these exercises, you have just passed your fit test. A Diamond Tool certificate will be presented to you indicating that you are certified to use your respirator on jobsites.

It’s that easy! If you need to be fit tested, come by Diamond Tool or we can go to your jobsite and we’ll get you certified easily and quickly.

Important Tips for Your Fit Test

Now let’s go over some important tips that you need to remember to pass your fit test.

  1. Remember to shave – The basic OSHA rule is that any facial hair that interferes with the area between the face and the respirator seal must be removed. This does not mean that everyone must be completely clean-shaven before a fit test. This diagram illustrates the different types of facial hair that are allowed by OSHA.
  2. If you wear prescription glasses or protective equipment such as goggles or earmuffs on the job, then you must wear these items on the fit test to be sure that they don’t interfere with the respirator’s fit. If you wear prescription glasses, you may need them to read the OSHA paragraph during the reading allowed part of the fit test.

Diamond Tool also performs fit test onsite and at your job site. A certified employee will bring respirators and cartridges to ensure that you have what you need for the job. Call us at 1-888-TRY-DIAMond if you have any questions. We’ll be glad to help.

Thanks for watching! Have a great day.

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