Diamond Tool’s Guide on How to Insert Earplugs

How to Insert Earplugs Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Allen here at Diamond Tool and I work for our safety services department. Today, we’re going to talk about earplugs. Did you know a bulldozer idling at 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss after just one business day? That’s a shame because hearing loss is 100% preventable as long as you use the right personal protective equipment and use it properly.

To insert the earplug:
  1. Place earplug between your two fingers.
  2. Roll earplug into a small cylinder as small as you can it.
  3. With the opposite hand, pull back on the ear to open up the ear canal and straighten it.

Next, insert the earplug:

  1. Hold your finger on the earplug and let it expand for approximately five to ten seconds.
  2. Pull your finger off the earplug and it should be properly seated.

To check for a proper insertion of the earplugs, put your hands over your ears and listen for a couple of seconds. If you notice a difference, then one of your earplugs or both of them are seated incorrectly and you’ll have to reinsert the earplugs.

Diamond Tool’s Great Selection of Earplugs

Try our best selling and world-famous earplugs, The Ear Classic. It’s moisture resistant and non-irritating, or test out our Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplugs. It’s designed for the best, most comfortable fit and expands using self-adjusting foam. For convenience around the work site, try our reasonable corded earplugs or our reasonable earplug bands. With corded earplugs or earplug bands, you’ll always find your ear protection where you left it, and if you prefer earmuffs, Diamond Tool carries a large selection of earmuffs to fit your every jobsite need.

In conclusion, don’t get started working until you protect yourself. Get earplugs and other forms of PPE and safety services here at Diamond Tool. You can call us 1-888-TRY-DIAMond or get us on our website at www.diamondtool.net. Thanks for watching and have a safe day.

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