How to Inspect a Fall Protection Lanyard



Hi, I’m Matt McKernan with Honeywell Safety Products, manufacturers of Miller Fall Protection equipment. Today we’re at Diamond Tool’s training center and we’re going to spend the next few minutes talking about the proper steps on how to inspect a shock-absorbing lanyard.


Today we have our Miller Turbo Light Personal Fall Limiter. So one of the first things I’m going to look at when I inspect this unit is to make sure the warning flag is in good shape and has not been deployed. Here’s the flag. The stitching that’s holding it is in good shape – the flag is not deployed. If when I’m looking at this, and I see where the flag is hanging open like that, that means something has happened to the unit, and we need you to pull it out of service. Whether it’s been involved in a fall or somebody maybe misused it, if they flag is deployed, remove the unit from service.


I have six feet of webbing in here, so I want to pull all of that out, and make sure it’s still connected at the other end. And then while I’m pulling the webbing out, and letting it retract – I want to inspect the webbing. Make sure there are no frays, no cuts, burn marks, chemical damage to that webbing. Make sure there are no knots in it. When the webbing is retracting, it should retract in all on its own and it should retract fully. If it doesn’t retract fully or if it gets caught – again something is wrong with that unit – time to pull it out of service.


I also want to test the breaking mechanism, so I’m going to pull a length of webbing out, and tug on it a couple times; make sure the breaking mechanism is locking. If it’s not working properly? Again, time to get the unit out of service and have it replaced.


There are metal components on here like our snap hook and our carabiner, so make sure there’s no rust, no corrosion on them. The gates on the snap hook should not open unless I depress the locking mechanism in the back. So, push on the gate, make sure it doesn’t open, open it, and then let it close. It needs to close and it needs to seat all the way. If it’s not functioning properly, but opens without me hitting the locking mechanism, something’s wrong. Let’s remove it from service.


Diamond Tool stocks a complete line of Miller Fall Protection Equipment. You can reach them at 888-TRY-DIAMond. That’s 888-879-3426, or you can visit them on the net at Thanks for watching.


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