Diamond Tool Presents: iToolCo Rope Tender

The Benefits of the Rope Tender:

  • Spool and Un-spool Rope Easily
  • Axle-less Technology
  • Fits Spool Sizes up to 32″
  • Works With MC Cable
  • Easily Transport and Maneuver Rope and Spools About the Job Site

For years, workers have been transporting rope by carrying it to the wire port. So, we decided this is ridiculous. It’s no good carrying around a 150-pound rope. So, let’s put some wheels on this thing.

You do your wire pull. When you want to put it back on, you can quickly – one man – crank the wheel. Rather than get splinters in your hand, you can now spin it on an axel with friction. Without delay, you can quickly put the rope right back where it belongs.

The Rope Tender is adjustable, and as such, it can work with any size spool. If you have 1200 ft spool of rope – no problem.

This is the Rope Tender
The Rope Tender is iToolCo’s light and maneuverable accessory that is both easy to assemble and effortless to transport. No more hauling around heavy cords over rough terrain. Using axle-less technology, the Rope Tender makes your next job a lot easier. This product prevents injuries from lifting and handling rope, and saves time on-site. It’s also one person operational.
Do you want to learn more about iToolCo’s Rope Tender? Give Diamond Tool a call at 1-888-TRY-DIAMond, or check out our diamondtool.net.

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